Going out of town? Busy with work? Has your dog been driving you nuts? Need a dog free night? Alpha Dog Training Ga can take care of your furry companion for you! Our accommodations include a 5ft x 10ft kennel exclusively for your dog, complete with a crate house for additional comfort. We also provide quality Canidae "High Protein, No Filler" dog food twice a day at no added cost. If you wish to feed your pet a specific food, we ask that you provide your dog's favorite brand for the length of the stay and we will gladly accommodate your dogs needs. Are you tired of paying for additional services like bathing or walking your dog? We walk and exercise your K9 four times a day. And not to mention pick-up day! Prior to your dog's departure, we give your K9 a complimentary bath and shampoo so your pooch goes home cleaner and smelling better than when they came in. No more worries about a stinky dog!


- $20.00/per day


Not enough time to bring your K9 to us? Coming home from vacation, car loaded up with no more space? Still have that new car smell and not too sure if your ready to put your dog in the car? That's OK! We also provide pickup and or delivery service for your companion. We can even make arrangements for after hours pickup or delivery. The great thing is you still receive same treatment as our regular boarding service above. Please call today to make arrangements!


- Call for pricing!